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MASSIVE Fam rolls strong and steady!


Live music and Djs at The Penny Black, 420 Sydney Rd Brunswick.


MASSIVE – Australia’s first Hip Hop Choir is based in Melbourne and created by the inspirational idea of Artistic Directors Liss Gabb and Mary Quinsacara consists of 14 artistic young people, whose backgrounds span from across more than ten nationalities worldwide; Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, Lebanon, the Caribbean, North Africa, Philippines, Comoros Islands, Tanzania, England, Spain and Indonesia. Previously known as MASSIVE hip-choir the crew are now known as a collective of artists under the appropriate title MASSIVE Fam!

In September, 2012 MASSIVE launched their first album– Neology: neo tunes for an old world –  at the Evelyn Hotel to a packed MASSIVE hungry crowd. Neology brings you into a world of new sound presented in the growing genre of hip-hop that is uplifting, soulful, punchy and family friendly!

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Collaborations and Upcoming Projects

2013 has so far seen MASSIVE members go on to be mentors on the music based anti-racism project- Sisters and Brothers run by Barkly Arts Centre, current members continue to participate in Arts Centre Melbourne’s Dig Deep youth music mentoring program, Group 120 and have locked in their participation in Urban Chamber a highly unique collaboration between lead organisation Outer Urban Projects and Melbourne Youth Music. Urban Chamber will culminate in a killa performance as part of Melbourne Festival 2013 in November.

The crew will also be working on an exciting project Fate – that explores the concept of chance and destiny across cultures using the forms of theatre and music which draws on the artistic skills of  Western Edge’s Flemington Theatre Group (FTG) and MASSIVE Fam. These artists will be supported to lead 40 young people from the Flemington area of inner Melbourne and the regional centre of Ballarat to ultimately perform back to the participating communities as well as being part of the Big West Festival Program this year.

MASSIVE Fam are also earmarked for a Barkly Arts Centre project for 2014 titled Spiritual Capital which will create music interventions with marginalised communities across public space and detention settings. At the heart of Spiritual Capital is letting communities on the outer of the mainstream know that they are not forgotten through a unique music making experience aimed to induce joy and hope. MASSIVE Fam will pilot their approach in June at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, Deer Park building on their previous work there in 2011.


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Press Release

MASSIVE announce the release of their debut album


Australia’s first hip hop choir, MASSIVE blends old skool hip hop, traditional choral harmonies and body percussion to create a genre of hip hop powered by diversity and Westside ingenuity.

Neology – the act of inventing a word or phrase / The use of an established word in a new and different sense.

MASSIVE is a group of young urban artists aged 18– 25yrs who identify as Tongan/Fijian, Cook Islander, Niuean, Samoan, Lebanese/Tongan Caribbean/North African, Filipino, Comoros islander, Tanzanian, English/Spanish, and Indonesian. MASSIVE has created a new genre of hip hop that combines original rap lyrics, fresh beats, lush three part harmonies, body percussion, traditional pacific island dance and street choreography. Drawing on the strength of their diversity, MASSIVE is well into its second year and has been performing and recording their unique repertoire that is flavoured with old skool hip hop, gospel, traditional cultural tunes and protest music.

MASSIVE is produced by Barkly Arts Centre, a division of Western Region Health Centre in the heart of Melbourne’s west. Creatively produced by Liss Gabb and Mary Quinsacara; MASSIVE has collaborated with Deaf Arts Network, Anti Racism Action Band, Arts Centre Melbourne’s Dig Deep program, South Sudanese rap star Emmanuel Jal, Diafrix, Blue King Brown,  hip hop artists Lotek and Lesson, Multicultural Arts Victoria, OZ Soul Collective and Big West festival. MASSIVE has run workshops with schools and community choirs across the west, in prisons, youth justice centres and regional Koori communities.

MASSIVE launched their debut album Neologyneo tunes for an old world on September the 21st   2012 at The Evelyn Hotel to a packed MASSIVE hungy crowd.

A big thank you goes out to Andrea Khoza for her expertise on the making of NEOLOGY.

Neology soon to be released for worldwide digital distribution.  Stay tuned! Buy your physical copy directly from MASSIVE at any upcoming shows by keeping up to date on facebook.

Highlights from 2012

MASSIVE creative development with Cathy and Michael
MASSIVE creative development with Cathy and Michael

The Romeo and Juliet Project with Catherine Milliken and Michael Schiefel and Musicians of the MSO 2012

MASSIVE created the ultimate love song especially for the project called Star Crossed Lovers. Check them out live here.  And for further background on the inner workings of the project with our fellow collaborators please visit here

 Light in Winter Festival 2012

MASSIVE created an interpretation of a poem Butterfly that was originally conceived in Auslan and then translated into English. Jodee Mundy played the critical role of interface between the deaf community and MASSIVE to ensure that the emotion and meaning held within the poem resonated across translation and interpretation.  The performance culminated in the interpretation being translated and performed back to the deaf community live by Auslan interpreters Ross Onley-Zerkel and Jodee Mundy.

Enjoy the video here on our YouTube channel.

On a balmy summer evening onTuesday November 15th the Massive Schoolin Westside program celebrated in The Big Sing– Opening night for the amazing Big West Festival 2011.

200 people sung their hearts out to a hungry crowd of westsiders gathered along the grassy slopes surrounding the Maribyrnong River. Together they sang 3 original songs from the MASSIVE repertoire; the hip-hop battle-esque Hottest Round, a contemporary take on a traditional Tokelau song-Tagi Hina and the epic and deeply moving call out- Save my People.

The 200 voices were made up of a killa range of west side based choirs of all ages, stages, abilities and backgrounds.  The choirs MASSIVE partnered with were:

Kensington Community Choir, Laverton Community Choir, Newport Community Choir, Willin Wimmin, Voice, Altona Ladies, Altona Primary School Choir, Sunshine Sings, Footscray Sings, Brimbank Multicultural Choir, I’m Singing in Sunshine, Footscray City Primary School Children’s Choir and Three Trees Community Choir.

On opening night a range of community members whom MASSIVE and Barkly Arts Centre worked very closely with featured in an emerging artist program prior to the 200 voice sing off! A great exchange of skills, awareness and understanding was cultivated over the many weeks that MASSIVE mentors and the communities of young people from the west got to know each other. MASSIVE mentored young people connected to the cities of Melton, Brimbank and Maribyrnong (Gilmore Girls) to develop their very own original compositions that were backed and produced by MASSIVE. These songs were Summertime by Western English Language School, The Future by Gilmore Girls and Peace, Love and Harmony by young people from across the cities of Melton and Brimbank.

Local emcee and homeless advocate Alfred Mashok aka Deelo performed his original song Homeless featuring Akimera and the backing of MASSIVE. Homeless is a direct response to Deelo’s lived experience of being a homeless young African man in the local Footscray area. It is also a call out to the community to listen and hear the stories that often do not get any airplay in the mainstream media.

Over the course of 8 weeks  MASSIVE mentors with support from Choir Director Andrea Khoza armed themselves with songbooks, a PA and a large amount of gusto to head out and meet, sing and snack with the lovely people of the 12 choirs. It was a joyous exchange based on a love for singing and performance that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Local performing artist and emerging choreographer Josephine Inia crafted the Polynesian inspired movement for the song Tagi Hina. Josephine Inia a Tongan woman herself  enlisted her young troupe of family members to accompany her for this breathtaking performance. The young dancers wore traditional islander style handmade grass skirts and headwear (Big Ups Grace Vanilau) and Josephine wore an aptly named piece Game On by super craft woman Maryann Talia Pau.

The show also featured fresh street dancer siblings Demilition Bgirl and Lorraine Sorono performing their unique blend of Auslan and hiphop as part of the Big Sing performance. And of course MASSIVE DJ Sizzle held it down on the turntables to ensure a smooth yet spicey soundtrack!


Choral parts for Big Sing performance

Tagi Hina is a traditional song from the Tokelau Islands that MASSIVE has remixed and given their unique flavour. This song is produced by Momo (Diafrix)

Tagi Hina All Parts

Tagi Hina Soprano

Tagi Hina Alto Women/Tenor Men CHORUSES ONLY

Tagi Hina Tenor Women

Tagi Hina Bass

Save my People is produced by MASSIVE heavyweight Tenicee with choral arrangements by Andrea Khoza

Save my People ALL Parts

Save my People Soprano

Save my People Alto Women/Tenor Men

Save my People Tenor Women/Bass Men

Hottest Round is entirely produced by MASSIVE!

Hottest Round ALL Parts

Hottest Round Soprano

Hottest Round Alto Women

Hottest Round Tenor Women

Hottest Round Male Part

MASSIVE calls home  to Barkly Arts Centre.  MASSIVE  rehearses every Thursday evening from 6pm-9pm, Level 1 233 Barkly St Footscray.

MASSIVE Creative Producers:

Mary Quinsacara maryq@wrhc.com.au 0415 690 507

Liss Gabb lissg@wrhc.com.au 0457 894 143

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