we run the streets like oh!

Artistic Team

 The Change Act aka Mary Quinsacara and Liss Gabb are the creative producers of MASSIVE. Mary aka Querator is the principal interface between the worlds of choral singing and hip hop. Liss is responsible for the artistic direction of the visual material created for the MASSIVE installation outcome for 2010 (see Shows page) and overall project management. Liss and Mary share responsibility for the overall creative direction of the project as well as recruitment, youth support, MASSIVE HQ (steering committee) coordination, publicity and fund raising.  Barkly Arts Centre is the home of The Change Act.

Andrea Khoza is MASSIVE’s Choir Director and what a find she is. Andrea is a highly experienced and sought after musician, performer, teacher and choir director. She works internationally particularly in the Pacific region and in South Africa.After extended trips to South Africa to study music and culture, Andrea specialises in South African vocal music.  Andrea and Valanga Khoza run annual tours to the Limpopo Province of South Africa where they have built traditional huts.

MASSIVE has also had the good fortune to work with a range of artists across art forms such as; Mohamed Komba aka Momo from the world famous Diafrix band and Demilition Bgirl (say no more!).

In 2010 the MASSIVE team produced a multimedia installation for the digital exhibition space at Signal; Melbourne’s arts studio dedicated to young people. The work combines the visual languages of Auslan and hiphop dance as choreographed by Demilition Bgirl. It features 5 original MASSIVE tracks with musical support from Andrea Khoza and Momo. The video was produced by David Campbell, Liss Gabb and Rick Randall and the megamix soundtrack was produced by Ptero Stylus. We are still very proud of this work, enjoy.



One response

  1. Christine Austin-Lund

    Hi Mary,

    My apologies for not talking with you when you rang on Monday. Was a crazy day!!

    The Burnie Youth Choir have a meeting tonight so if you receive this e-mail, I would love you to give me a call.

    If not we are going away for a camp/workshop and heaps of fun & laughs this weekend, and hopefully I will hear from you then.


    Christine Austin-Lund
    Burnie Youth Choir
    0427 682 842

    April 14, 2011 at 1:00 am

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