we run the streets like oh!

Massive People

Lina Lonia

Lina aka Linafae is an upcoming young Polynesian vocalist who uses her background (Cook Island and Niue) to make her sound more flavoursome, groovy and phresh. Working with many artists such as Jess Harlen, Diafrix, Motley and peforming on the big stages like The Arts Centre, and Federation Square, Linafae’s dreams are to be heard and represent those who have no voice. One day THE DREAM WILL COME TRUE!



Machehi Komba AKA MCK

The gift for repping it on the mic runs high in the Komba family with MASSIVE emcompasing Komba siblings aplenty. MCK is one of the Melbourne’s emerging RNB/POP/SOUL artists. She draws her influences from greats such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston right down to Melbourne’s homegrown hiphop supergroup Diafrix- of whom emcee Momo is her older brother.



The daughter of  one of the founding members of Afro-Rock group Osibisa- the late Spartacus R and sister to the group members of The Real Heat (UK), Ekko MC (US) and Madcore Technician (AUS), Akimera’s musical talent runs in her blood. Her passion shines when she’s on stage washing over the audience with her warm voice and powerfully conscious lyrics. Akimera  is most at home singing to soulful, bass-heavy tracks as well as stepping to the mic as an emcee. Akimera has worked with up and coming groups including Hard Hustle, DEELO, Percival, Polaroid, Progressive Minds and Melbourne’s New Dub City Sound

Carl Teni Sevita is TENICEE, a 22 year old Samoan/Niuean all-rounder.

An accomplished singer, MC and producer with cultural roots from across the Pacific; TENICEE has been honing his skills for six years and now emerges from the studio and the rehearsal rooms with a powerful and provocative style and presence that is capturing Melbourne audiences.

Hekima Komba

Hekima is 18yrs old and an emerging singer from Melbourne, Victoria. She has been singing since Year 11 and 12 and is trying to reach her dreams by emerging with MASSIVE. She is one of the Alto vocalists and she is also a composer and hopes that MASSIVE will help her with her career in the music industry. Hekima has many influences such as Trey Songz, Diafrix, Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Indie Arie and Floetry and many others. Hekima has most recently worked with DJ/Producer Silvastone (UK) Hekima says SMILE!

Mazna ‘Maz’ Komba

Mazna is 22years old and is an emerging performing artist @ Western Edge Youth Arts in Footscray and also a singer at MASSIVE. Mazna started acting and singing in high school at the age of 14. She enjoys keeping herself busy with doing a lot of community theatre projects witch motivates her to pursue her career in Health Promotion through the Arts which she is currently studying @ Deakin University. Her music collaborators include Diafrix, Hard Hustle, Polaroid and DJ/Producer Silvastone (UK)

Paul ‘Paulfactor’ Mileson

Paulfactor is 21 years old and he is a rapper, singer songwriter. In 2004 he began rapping and in 2007 he joined a workshop at the Footscray Community Arts Centre and was mentored by DJ Wasabi and Dysphemic. He’s influenced by hiphop, rnb, garage, grime and dubstep and he’s the only MASSIVE member to flex in the UK flava. Paul has worked in many projects; organising 3 gigs for FREEZA, completed a song for the Underground Loop and rapped at Reprezent: A hiphop dance program organised by Cat and Emily Sweeney. Paul will always be willing to make his dream come to life. Paulfactor is a keen networker and has collaborated with Motley (UK) and allrounder producer/emcee Julez.

Adam ‘Polaroid’ Harahap

Adam is 18 years old and is an MC a at MASSIVE. Adam started rapping at a very young age. He has many influences from Australian hip-Hop Artists which motivate him to keep going and never give up in what he believes in. Adam’s influences inspire him to produce well crafted lyrics from the hear. He is the newest and youngest recruit to MASSIVE and will proceed to put on a good show for the audience/fans and of course his family at MASSIVE! Already he is making a name for himself on the battle scene as well as sharing the stage with Motley and collabing with EyePhree.

Yung Philly represents the element of MC; both in MC (rhyming) and MC (hosting – Master of Ceremonies)
He is first to get on any mic and being on stage is when you see Philly shine. He’s been working  7 years professionally now and is an inspiration to many people across the hiphop form.  He was the National Masters of Hip-Hop 2009 Battle Rap winner and is a current member of Group 120, A.R.A.B and of course MASSIVE!

Jamie Napa’a

Growing up in a island family of music, Jamie has inherited a mixture of country, soul, slow jam, RNB and now aiming to mix with hip-hop and so much more.

He loves music, loves creating and mixing a range of styles that would bring out a unique sense of music.

“ I love it how everyone comes together and do music, it’s so cool, there’s always something new and cool that the peepz can listen too.”

“And when it all comes together, I be like! Oh dayummm! That’s my jammmm! “

Jamie is now on pursuit on making songs that would put a wow factor for the community in his own sense of style and with the choir.


Josephine Inia is a performing artist who practices in singing and contemporary/polynesian dance. Josephine aka Fina brings with her a wealth of gospel based choral experience as well as an extensive repertoire of polynesian dance movement. Big things await Fina as she continues to explore her artistic endeavours.

Ileini Kabalan is a jazz oriented artist who loves to sing and explore new ways to push her vocal abilities. She is a new and highly valued member to the MASSIVE family.

MASSIVE says all the best to former members Demeysa Ahmed and Mele Napa’a as they go on to pursue their personal goals and dreams.


5 responses

  1. hey erbudii just checkin if this work but yeah hopefully erbudii iz all good…….

    love you all

    July 14, 2011 at 3:14 am


    WOO, GO MASSIVE! Found me a new facebook profile pic lol

    July 26, 2011 at 12:36 pm

  3. You guys are the bomb i love you guys so much even if it doesnt show….i love you guys for eveything that we all do for each other…..im not just saying this.

    You guys are one of the most heart warming groups of adults ive ever came across with, you guys won my heart many times.
    Keep on being yourself and ill see you guys again…..love yous all and stay safe

    April 30, 2012 at 3:30 pm

  4. NA

    Keep up the fantastic work guys!

    July 1, 2012 at 12:11 pm

  5. I miss you guys so much

    December 31, 2013 at 12:18 am

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